a smart contract for creating decentralized token portfolios


Bskt is a generic smart contract that creates decentralized token portfolios. Bskt facilitates the bundling and unbundling of a collection of Ethereum tokens in the form of an ERC20 token. Owners of the token have a direct claim on the underlying tokens.

These new tokens can be created by anyone who surrenders the underlying tokens and redeemed by anyone who owns issued tokens. Bskt allows investors to diversify their exposure to tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem cheaply, without adding custody risk.

Bskt portfolio launch

We’re launching the first official Bskt portfolio soon. Enter your email to be notified. (We won’t spam or give out emails.)

Mainnet test contract

A test Bskt instance has been deployed to mainnet. The Bskt porfolio contains an example bundle consisting of some of the top 10 ERC20 tokens that plan to stay on Ethereum’s platform.

Mainnet test contract (0xe0366f8857B1466452B89C0EE03246F860A0eF01)

Bug bounty

We’re rewarding those who find bugs in the mainnet test contract. More details TBA.


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